CSF Identifiers

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Source of Reference: official Cybersecurity Framework Components from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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Function Unique Identifier Function Category Unique Identifier Category
ID Identify ID.AM Asset Management
ID.BE Business Environment
ID.GV Governance
ID.RA Risk Assessment
ID.RM Risk Management Strategy
ID.SC Business Environment
PR Protect PR.AC Identity Management and Access Control
PR.AT Awareness and Training
PR.DS Data Security
PR.IP Information Protection Processes and Procedures
PR.MA Maintenance
PR.PT Protective Technology
DE Detect DE.AE Anomalies and Events
DE.CM Security Continuous Monitoring
DE.DP Detection Process
RS Respond RS.RP Response Planning
RS.CO Communications
RS.AN Analysis
RS.MI Mitigation
RS.IM Improvements
RC Recovery RC.RP Recovery Planning
RC.IM Improvements
RC.CO Communications